Esau and Jacob

This is the attitude of the Zionist, and their media who work to censor our freedom of speech.  Witness a people who believe they can tell people how they can think, and what they are allowed to think. What they are allowed to read, and not to read. What they are allowed to say and not to say.
When one really knows the history of these people one understands they have always been deeply involved in slavery.  In their evil twisted minds they believe they will make all the people’s of the world their slaves.
Terrorism is how they obtained the Holy Land, and terrorism is how they intent in their sick minds to obtain control over the entire world.
Jews/Edomites will never control the earth, just as Satan their father, and the fallen angels never controlled heaven (before they were kicked out).

History has proven Jews/Edomites never assimilate, and only cause serious problems for others people’s and nations, forcing pogroms on themselves.  Over and over throughout history these scoundrels have been expelled from many nations always for the “same type of things”.
The Emanuel Family and many other Jewish families fled from pogroms taking place in Europe when they settled here in America only to do the “same types of things”, which created the pogroms for themselves back in Europe.
The Bolshevik revolution was the scheme used to take over Russia, that’s when the communist promised to take over all of Europe and the entire world.  Terrorism is now being deployed on a worldwide scale.

The protest and chaos leading up to the Bolshevik revolution give us the political blueprint for how the communist are attempting to take over America, and the world. 

Understand Germany was not fighting against the Russia people in World War Two. Germany was fighting against the “communist Jews” who had taken over Russia. The “communist Jews” vowed to take over all of Europe!
Look at Europe now and witness the flood of Hostile refugees entering these European countries.  Understand who is behind it all!
This same tiny group of people cause enormous problems for people’s and nations worldwide.

ISIS was once known as Al Qaeda and are paid to murder and destroy governments. The Liberals are not too far behind.
Being paid by Zionist George Soros, Zionist media brainwash it’s victims, and censors  the best information making people incapable of sound reasoning. Unthinking liberals work to destroy not only their own freedom, but everyone else’s freedom as well.
Being mentally conditioned by the Zionist, liberals have become pitiful useful idiots, basically slaves who blindly following the communist Jew slave master.

We were told by the Zionist media that Al Qaeda murdered more than 3,000 innocent Americans on September 11 2001.
President Bush kneels to Zionist terrorism, and murders his own American people. Steering our hijacked nation on an overt path of destruction and mass murder worldwide based on 9-11 lies.

Who would have thought at the time, that an American President played a major part in a political scheme to Murder more than 3,000 Americans. After these murders using 9-11 as a excuse to export terrorism worldwide. This time Hijacking  the American Government’s military, and murdering millions of other peoples for the Zionist; based on a false pretense.

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All was political theater and the so-called commander in chief (Bush) being less than a traitor, Stands there and acts like he cared about the fire-fighter or the thousands of Americans who died horrible deaths. (pictured above).
The aircraft that caused these disasters were not the same aircraft that were allegedly hijacked from the airports. Different aircraft were used to clash into the twin towers. Why not call this “shock and awe” theater with real murders.
Remember those who were trapped in the twin towers above where the aircraft impacted the twin towers, they were “told to stay in place”. These people died because they listened to bogus instructions. There was an stairwell that was intact giving the people a method escape.
The point is that in emergency situations despite the danger good common sense, or if very little time is available good instincts must not be overlooked because of someone’s instructs people to do a particular thing.
Many people were killed and permanently injured  as a result of shots that were labeled vaccines. In the midst of this  emergency situation the bogus label “Pandemic” was extensively used.
The information into cheap and effective treatment for the Covid (fear) virus was being withheld from the public. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin could have saved millions of lives, however mass murder has always been a historically verifiable part of communism. When Big Pharma “somehow becomes immune from damages” caused by shots labelled as vaccines, it’s no secret that something extraordinarily “evil” is underway.
Understand why reprobate monsters censor the best information. They know sound decisions based on rational thinking or common sense can only be made if certain information is made available/uncensored. Clearly stated, people will more easily fall into the trips that they are kept unaware of!
The word “Pandemic” was drilled into the minds of the people by  the zionist media practically 24/7, constantly  repeating “the Pandemic” as if this “deception” was a undeniable reality.  Full size photos of the Covid virus were always being shown in TV broadcast.

China must be held to account for its illegal COVID-19 coverup

This was to implant fear in the minds of innocent people, photos of the very ugly virus was a key part of the psychological operations. Once the fearful state of mind was attained all sorts of attacks on one’s personal freedom were implemented.
The rule of law came under heavy attack, and the dictation of “rules” took center stage. People were told to wear masks reducing needed oxygen to brain and body. People were told to stand 6 feet apart.
Churches were shut down when they were needed most. People could not buy food or travel on public transportation without being masked. Most small businesses were shut down creating economic problems together with the Covid scare.
None of the above rules were needed everything was based on the false pretense of some dangerous virus. The rules and media deception convinced people weaken by fear there was a real pandemic, however nothing could be further from the truth. All the elaborate deception was staged to herd innocent people into getting shots that have caused millions of deaths and serious injuries.
Recognize communist slavery, and it’s hatred of “truth”, the rule of law, and personal freedom. The point here provides insights into those who are wise to do evil (satanic). Recognize their skill at mind manipulation that was born out of the work of Sigmund Freud.
Control of  other people until they have been enslaved has always been a trait of this same extremely wicked race of lying people; known as Edomites. Now that information has been put forth about the true identity of the lying jews, let’s check the Biblical historical record and understand how long Edom has been into enslaving people.
Jerusalem Bible: Amos 1:6-7 Yahweh says this: For the three crimes, the four crimes, of Gaza I have made my decree and will not relent: because they have deported entire nations as slaves to Edom,  I am going to hurl fire on the walls of Gaza to burn up her palaces.
Amos 1:9-10 Yahweh says this: For the three crimes, the four crimes, of Tyre I have made my decree and will not relent: because they have deported entire nations as slaves to Edom and have not remembered the covenant of brotherhood,  I am going to hurl fire on the walls of Tyre to burn up her palaces.
Amos 1:11-12 Yahweh says this: For the three crimes, the four crimes, of Edom I have made my decree and will not relent: because he has persecuted his brother with the sword, stifling his pity, persistently nursing his fury and ever cherishing his rage, I am going to hurl fire on Teman[*e] to burn up the palaces of Bozrah. 
*Over time Teman, Bozrah, Idumea, Mt. Seir were the names the land and the people of Edom were called in the Bible.
Amos was a prophet who received the words of God’s prophecy during the reign of Uzziah King of Judah who was king from 790 BC to 739 BC. The Edomites were into the Slave trade long before the prophecy of Amos, and God promises to punish the people’s that had evil business dealings with the Edomites.
In these times communist China is clueless as to the eternal damnation in store for them for doing the Jews dirty work. The Jews taught them how to be communist. The edomites did not have the numbers of people needed to carry out their diabolical plans, so they use China.
Edom purchased whole nations and  enslaved them, and the attitude Menachem Begin (first Edomite prime minister of Israel’s land) displayed at the beginning of this article reflects the same slavery attitude that edomites have always had for other races of people.
In our modern times those who redefine and make up words for the benefit of themselves. Those responsible for the communist slavery of East Germany, and the “Berlin Wall”. Those who want to punish people that exert their God given right to deny the jewish version of the so-called Holocaust. Those who want to reduce free nations and whole political party’s to communist slavery.
Those who want to define for everyone “Hate speech”, and what people can and cannot say. Those who use name calling (so-called racism) as a means of controlling people who disagree with jews. Those who want to tell everyone what’s “Politically Correct”.
Those who use character assassination (President Trump) and the destruction of people’s livelihoods of people that tell the truth. Those who openly disagree (hollywood celebrities  and anyone else) with them are always financially attacked as just one method in modern day Jewish enslavement.

Those who want to get rid of true Christianity and one’s God given right to Worship as they choose. Those who use Marxism and big bang theories as a means of confusing people about who was responsible for Creation and the authority of God. Those who indoctrinate into communist slavery rather than educate from pre-school to College whole nations of people. Those who even want to tell people what they can and cannot think!
All of these things and more is a reflection of the same slavery attitude of “Menachem Begin”, and the attitude zionist have for all other people’s, whom jews call Goyim, or Goy. Even those non-jews who work in lockstep with jews are reduced to the status useful idiot slaves.
An insightful quote into Lenin the communist is: “A lie often enough becomes the truth”. No the wicked ability to get people to believe a lie does not make it the truth. One will find the whole ideology of Lenin, and communism is all based on lies!
Once understanding this it becomes clear, one sees how Satanic, dangerous, and despicable the followers of communism and Lenin truly are. The lie is still the most common and effective method of mind control. 
Evil people know that if various types of information can be censored from the public the zionist believe that they have the ability to essentially turn human beings into herd animals. Turn people into their livestock which is commonly known as slavery. This is the basic attitude of the of the globalist, the high level communist, and the so-called elite.

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Larry Silverstein is all smiles after signing a deal in which the Port Authority of New York, less than a year before the 9-11 tragedy. How ironic, Silverstein had the twin tower insured for precisely the type of terrorist attack that happened on 9-11. It was insurance fraud, and Silverstein Properties were paid $3.21 billion.

Several months after the deal was signed, the 9-11 terrorist attacks took place. Must be largest case of insurance fraud in all the world. What’s also so amazing is that in New York city with the largest Jewish population outside the occupied Holy land, only a handful of Jews were murder victims in the collapse of the twin towers. They must have been warned. This is confirmation of an internal pre-meditated attack.

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Make no mistake “Jews are not White people” they have a different lineage, however they pass for Whites and use this to their advantage in many ways, blaming their crimes on Whites and everyone else.
The whole Anti-semitism scheme is a form of “Wokeness”. A form of political correctness and mind control based on fiction and unsubstantiated stories: enormous lies.
“A Must See Video” 


It must be understood how skilled the people known as Jews are at telling enormous lies. Anti-semitism is a made up word, and part of a psychological deception maneuver used to weaken people though guilt.
Unfounded guilt based on bogus lies pertaining to things that “never happened in the way people are mislead to believe”. The entire holocaust narrative is a psychological operation. Getting an keener understanding of Lenin?
The word semitism must be understood as a total deception! Semitism is made up word with a made up definition. Israeli is also a made up word. Removing the last two letters of the word amounts to a confession the Israeli people are not the Israelites and have never been the Israelites.
The Jerusalem bible reveals to us: Genesis
6:9-10 Noah was a good man, a man of integrity among his contemporaries, and he walked with God. Noah became the father of three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth.
Noah’s first born “Shem” is the name of the son who fathered many sons before the birth of Terah, the father of Abram. The whole point is, those who at this point are known as the Jews, simply removed the h from the name of Noah’s first born son “Shem”.
The word “Sem” was created which means nothing,  the remainder of the word itism also means nothing, because the word it’s linked to means nothing.
Anti is the word placed in front of semitism which is the only part of the word with any meaning, and it basically means against. So connecting “Anti” to a fake word “semitism” deceives most people into believing the whole word has a verifiable meaning.

Of course a lie never becomes the true. However if the truth can be censored away from rational thinking minds illusions can be created for a variety of nefarious purposes. Hollywood, the Print media, Music, the news media, and the word of mouth from large numbers of liars reinforce the psychological illusions commonly known as lies.

Jews are over represented in positions of power and influence all over the United States. Whites must realize jews are not White people regardless of their appearance. Jews are at war with Whites and anyone else who does not go along with their evil communist plans.
The bottom line is Whites must recognize jews want to replace the Whites blessing of sovereignty with CCP sovereignty.  No reason exist to ever vote a zionist jew into political office. In Illinois voting for one of your own “Darren Bailey for Governor” is the right choice. This is not what is known as “racism” as the Zionist media want to “train you” to believe. Self preservation would be a better description.
Why is Bailey the Right choice for Illinois Governor? Bailey is the right choice for many important reasons. America is now engaged in unconventional warfare with the CCP,  liberal republicans, and Democrats.
The Democrat party slavery platform is closely aligned with the CCP. With our food now being under attack, Darren Bailey being a Farmer, is precisely the type of Governor America needs!
One must never underestimate the importance of food when engaged in war. The lessons of past History illustrates how the food supply is very instrumental in whether any particular nation is capable of winning or losing a war.
Of course in more ancient times siege was used to starve nations into surrender. In those ancient times walls were placed around cities as the main defense against people who sought to conquer various cities.
In our more modern times ironically the people of the Ukraine who were farmers were starved into to submission by the communist Jews using a method other than siege. The main point being  food is of critical importance in times of war.

The word ironically was used because a war against Ukraine happened right before World War two. Now we also have a war in Ukraine that can potentially start a third World War. The same group of people were behind World War 2. Now we find the “zionist” using “nazism” as a means of taking over the Ukraine. Jews are always speaking of the evils of Hitler, yet use nazism to take over the Ukraine. 

A side note: Ever wonder why the useful idiot now disgracing the white house stopped the keystone pipeline after the stolen election, just take notice of the above quote. It’s beyond arrogance  how the Zionist jews think they know what’s best for everybody in the world, they have Joe Biden as one of their highest ranking slaves.

Make no mistake communist china intentionally released a bioweapon on the world. With this declaration of unconventional warfare many people were killed, injured, and suffered in one way or another just as in conventional wars. Conventional wars main weapons are bombs and bullets, this unconventional war relies on hypothermic needles and deception. 
Mass Murder, Spying, and Slavery have always been undeniable methods of identifying Communism. The lockdowns America experienced during the CCP attack on the world gives valuable insights into their hatred.  The sub-human barbarian CCP regime has a deep seated beastly hatred for people’s freedom!
Understand the Democrat party has sold out to the CCP! These domestic enemies must be recognized as major threat. Internal terrorist involved in provable undeniable acts of anarchy, sedition, and Treason.
Remember before the main lockdown we were being conditioned by the Zionist media. The Zionist media blasted the minds of Americans with the word “lockdown” on every possible occasion.
Every Mass murder staged event was designed to induce fear. They used people under the influence of Big Pharma’s mind altering drugs to kill people. As a result of these orchestrated crisis again the word “Lockdown” was broadcasted excessively. 
All this was done by design conditioning the public to cooperate with the main Covid lockdown. Recognize how the internal communist/democrats work so willingly with the external CCP.
Getting back to food. Those who refused to wear the un-needed submission masks were denied the right to purchase food in most every food store here on the northwest side of Chicago. The shocking experience of being banned from food stores for the refusal  to submit to rules, not laws is something giving one valuable insights into how frail the norms of society are, such as buying food. We take the availability of buying food and having food for granted.
If it was not for small mom and pop food stores who could not afford to turn away un-masked shoppers, it was realized starvation is more possible in a rich nation such as this than previously believed. Food is always used in wars, and reports are out that Black conservatives who have turned Republican are being cut off of food stamps in blue states.

Be not deceived by smiles, witness the face of shameless Greed, JB Pritzker Governor of Illinois. Is it contrary to sound reasoning to suggest serious conflicts of interest that surpasses espionage on behalf of this governor? Let’s start by looking over some of  Pritzker’s business interest in communist China
Grand Hyatt Beijing China
Grand Hyatt Guangzhou China

Grand Hyatt Changsha China

Grand Hyatt Shenzhen China
Pritzker being  a Jew with dual Israeli citizenship also has tries to communist China to such an extent he may as well be seen as a member of the CCP. When communist china release the bio-weapon virus on the world no criticism or precautions were taken against china in anyway what so ever by Pritzker.
As a matter of fact he totally ignored the precautions president Trump was taking against  China who had released the virus. The Illinois Governor did not know and did not care if the masks coming from China were contaminated or not. Pritzker worked against our American President if he was a citizen of communist China.
Pritzker did not even know if the mask were effective against the spread of the virus, and safety was never really what the governor was seeking or he would dealt with the masks made in China with far more caution.
As strange as it may seem the masks were more about slavery than safety. Bondage as a introduction to communist slavery. Pritzker will never admit that submission to communism is the masks true purpose. Mask Up! The Con Game to Destroy Your Freedom!
As it turned out the masks Pritzker worked so eagerly to give away to Americans were indeed contaminated with nano-particles, and also spread mask debris into people’s lungs. The masks deprived people especially children of much needed oxygen for the development of their brain and all other organs. Recognize the weapons of unconventional warfare.

Never think for a second that children are being excluded from this unconventional war with communist China. With all the bills Pritzker could have signed into law for the betterment of Illinois’s children, he signed into law a bill that allows young boys to have any hair do that they may want, even girly wigs.
JB even puts the pen into the boy’s wrong hand as if the public is too stupid to understand governor’s true motives. On television boys are rarely shown in any commercials unless he is smaller and younger than girls. Numerous examples over many years depicting adults showing attention to girls while boys are excluded and this goes far beyond only TV commercials.
Fathers and mother showing love and acceptance for girls while boys are excluded. News stories are not showing father and sons, almost always fathers and daughters, which are psychological demoralization attacks against very young men and boys. While boys are young and vulnerable when they watch TV the Zionist media works to demoralize them by exclusion from television in general.
Manly American boys are certainly excluded from television and a preference for either a normal Chinese boy or boys depicting no strength or confidence is the very subtle persuasion approach.
Not only are children being manipulated since communist china released the virus on the world, have anyone noticed all the Chinese faces that are now appearing in the Zionist media?
Chinese now in a elevated positions giving advice to others, or information in sitcoms, news shows, commercials, etc etc. Absolutely denying intentionally releasing the Covid virus communist China and Hollywood apparently want to depict the Chinese as some type of new celebrities or something.
As subtle, sick, and twisted as it all is we are witnessing what unconventional warfare is all about.

When one may think they have seen and heard it all things get even more crazy. “Bilek contends that the Pritzker family, who originally made their fortune through the Hyatt hotel chain, has endeavored to throw their fortune at transgender ideology, or “synthetic sexual identities”.
Not only are children under attack in American schools with inappropriate books, children are luring into believing that “gender is a choice.” Children are being told that they can made extremely evil and very serious decisions without the consent of their parents. Horrific Child Abuse: Mastectomies Among ‘Transgender’ Minors Have ‘Exploded’
This Governor is a monster
Gov. J.B. Pritzker listens during his news conference in the Blue Room at the Thompson Center in February.
If all that has been previously stated is not bad enough when Caterpillar flees Illinois, you know the state is in trouble. Not only this, big businesses in Illinois such as Boeing, Caterpillar and Citadel announced they’re moving their headquarters out of Illinois.
Business in communist China is going really well for the Illinois governor, Pritzker Gets Richer, While Illinois Families Struggle and Businesses Flee. Illinois homeowners now spend the second most on property taxes in the U.S. and more than double the national average.
“Gov. J.B. Pritzker has added more than $5.24 billion in new or higher taxes and fees since taking office. Despite all that new revenue, the nation’s highest taxed state remains a fiscal mess unable to balance a budget for 21 years”.
“Governor Pritzker’s repeated lack of transparency is disturbing. Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s blind trust of investments includes 12 different companies with $20 billion in state contracts since he took office.
To make things worst Illinois now has the worst unemployment rate in the nation. On top of all this PRITZKER WANTS $500 MILLION TAX HIKE ON ILLINOIS SMALL BUSINESSES is Governor JB totally aligned with the CCP or what?
Who can deny this attack on the middle class, coupled with the business lockdowns the democrat party has proven itself to be Anti-American communist traitors
Consider this Governors so-called “Safe-T Act” and the 275 riots that were part of the Democrat’s purple revolution. Billions of dollars in damages as well as the lost of many people’s lives were the result of this rebellion.
Now Governor Pritzker wants these “Offenses for which people cannot be held in custody prior to trial include second degree murder, drug-induced homicide, robbery, burglary, arson, kidnapping, failure to register as a sex offender, battery, theft, criminal damage to property, driving under the influence, and all drug cases including selling drugs”.
Do you recognize the left’s progressive agenda, is it now becoming very clear with the “Safe-T act“. Just think of how worst the riots of 2020 would have been if no one had to post bail for any of the serious offenses listed above. It’s step by step a “progressive” march toward disaster.
Take a moment to consider this and try to tell yourself JB Pritzker and the democrats are not seeking anarchy, and attempting to violently overthrow the American Government.

Try telling yourself the Safe-T act was designed to bring peace, law, and order to the people of Illinois. Try telling yourself this legislation is going to keep our communities safer. The safe-t act label is the name of the evil decrees signed into law by JB Pritzker, which is just the opposite of keeping anybody safe.
No; this is the backdoor method of defunding the police. Not only is the Safe-T act a very sneaky and underhanded way of defunding the police, it’s also been put in place for the “demoralization of the police”.
The democrats act like they don’t understand that the Safe-T act will make the police look weak  and vulnerable, and more subject to an increase of serious violence directed against them.
True Americans must not fight against Americans. As Americans we need the police and they need us, especially since the Democrats have allowed millions of illegal immigrants into the country. It must be understood that an unconventional war is indeed taking place here in America.
All types of dangerous drugs and people we know absolutely nothing about are invading the southern border. At a time like this the wicked Governor has the nerve to introduce the type legislation one would expect from the CCP. Understand the Safe-T act applies to “illegal immigrants invading the U.S” as well as Americans.
Many of these people are some of the worst criminals from across the world. The democrat party which was always the slavery party is  attempting to set Americans up for very terrible things to start happening. History does repeat itself and going back in time before true Americans decided on the name union army,  these fighting Americans were called the Army of the Republic.
The Republican party was also known as the “Freedom Party” not only for being involved with freeing the slaves and limiting the power of corporations, but also putting in place the green back dollar. This was an attempt to free America from Zionist usury, better known as the Federal Reserve banking system.
JB Pritzker is far more than a mere communist Sympathizer.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is The-bush-zionist-slaves.jpg

Mr. President the real question is:
Who planted all the explosives for the Zionist in the Twin Towers and World Trade Center Building 7 ???

2001 The World Trade Center was blown up.
2001 Communist China joins World Trade Organization.
Understand these facts are more than symbolic in terms of global communism.
America was used by the Zionist to help defeat Germany in World War 2, and now
Zionist are now using Communist China to try and destroy America.

Understand treason, and what sanctuary cities are really all about!

In the past any nation “not run by a bunch of traitors” that sees a military build up on any particular border this would strongly suggest big trouble and war.

Republican candidates who denied or questioned 2020 election results:  results

Again democrats have proven themselves to be worst than the CCP. The internal enemy is far more dangerous, and unlike the stolen election in Brazil, in which the military may still intervene, justice in America for many outright stolen elections has so far been denied.
The wheels of justice may turn slow, but this does not suggest justice will never take place. In the eternal war of good and evil people must reveal who and what they truly are. People must reveal who and what they align themselves with. This is not suggesting domestic enemies will not face the justice they deserve from those they want to enslave and exterminate. Not being short sighted and understanding the big picture makes things so much clearer.
Joe Biden Works to disarm Americans while opening the Southern Border to criminals from across the World. “Despicable traitor” a far better title than American.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is foolish-traitor-1.jpg
Shamefully Pathetic to say the least.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is biden-must-be-removed.jpg

When South America was the main drug distribution nation enough money was being made to finance armies. Now based on drug sales, and it’s not by chance that Mexico was chosen, and has become so violent based on drugs money. It was no coincidence that the main drug operation was moved from Columbia to Mexico.
The drug wars are a type of non-conventional soldier training operation making Mexico many say the second most deadly nation in the world.
It’s all by design the liberals want to throw the nations doors wide open to criminals like themselves this country knows absolutely nothing about including seasoned terrorist.


“Blame Ralm” and those internal traitors who are importing terrorism, take a good look at at “what sanctuary cities are really all about”!
The war in Syria also started with mass protests until paid terrorist took the lead role in attempting to take over another Government.
An overt terrorist Rogers Park, Chicago Illinois, brought to you by the dual citizen Israeli mayor.


The media lied about a Civil War in Syria.
Terrorist paid by the Zionist were brought into Syria to accelerate the “chaos” that paid Syrian protesters had started.
The sick internal enemies did it in Syria and if one thinks for a second they are not  doing it here in America you’re not facing the political reality.

First paid protesters now paid terrorist .

When the President of the United States is from Chicago, and his Former Chief of Staff becomes the Mayor of Chicago and this city becomes the Murder capital of the United States what possible evidence exist that “it’s not intentional”???
Offering sanctuary to criminals is intentionally laying the groundwork for warfare against Americans!

This same small cabal three people were deeply involved in starting wars in Syria, Libya, and the Ukraine.
Let the Israeli Dual-citizen Ralm Emanuel offer Tel Aviv as an “Sanctuary city” and see if Israeli’s would accept it.
The amazing part is how so many Americans are brainwashed into accepting something the Israeli’s would never accept.
The whole notion of a “sanctuary city” reeks of communist warfare against the American people.

He closed more schools than any Chicago Mayor; especially around Englewood, a part of town with the most gangs and violence in the nation.
The dual-citizenship Israeli Mayor engineering violence and Chaos by building a brand new school in Englewood the same area which gives Chicago Murder capital of America.
The neighborhoods that surround Englewood have schools in need of repair and were “closed” so children can be herded into the most violent area in Chicago
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rahm-emmanuel-israel.jpg
He puts very young children in school before developmentally ready for long hours to condition children mentally for submission to communism. Also to mark American Children with learning disabilities and prescribe mind altering drugs to further disrupt their development.
Chicago Mayor attempting to create Bolsheviks of American Children. Now Joe Biden wants to take it to the next level by adding more years of communist indoctrination to the curriculum.  

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download.png

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is demon-transgender-reading-books-children.jpg

They open wide the Southern border, work non-stop to disarm us, and corrupt American children at a very early age. If that’s not hatred the ocean is bone dry. 
These very satanic people are the ones seeking to define the meaning of “Hate Speech”.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is goyim-.png

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jewish-censorship.jpg

 Americans ever consider how a very small group of people less than 2% of the American population are placed in every strategic position of power throughout the nation. Ever consider why this group of people and their bribery puppets are over represented in all positions of power and control???

When the Israeli Government agrees to gun control that’s when Americans can see if it really works. They would never suggest to their own people eliminating the what’s needed for personnel self defense, yet they work 24/7 to try and persuade people other than themselves to disarm. These zionist believe Americans are so stupid we don’t understand to disarm basically means to surrender.
More undeniable confirmation in their minds everyone but Zionist are basically cattle which are referred to as goyim. Including their own people, those Jews who are “really” against the Zionist.
Our slaves are not allowed to own effective weapons.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is reality-jew.jpg

Any nation stupid enough to allow an Israeli operatives to openly declare their city a “sanctuary” for any criminal worldwide inspires the Israeli’s to actually believe their race is superior. Any cooperation increases the twisted delusion that jews are obligated to take control of  all the World’s Governments.


U.S. Illegal Alien Crime Report



Another  dual citizenship Israeli attempting to set Americans up for this very thing you see below. Masked and murdered!
Please don’t lose sight of the fact that the communist always commit Mass Murder. This happens when populations are disarmed this is the true reason Jews are trying so hard to disarm Americans. Needles are another option for Mass Murder. Poison vaccines are now being used to reduce the population of America which has a well armed population!


Senator Schumer another Dual citizen Israeli trying to set Americans up for Mass Murder, while playing pandemic politics on the other hand working to commit mass murder with poison immune system destroying injections posing as legitimate  vaccines.




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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is demon-spy-edomite-1.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is political-fool.jpg

Is not a picture worth a thousand words. Consider these four thousand words and understand.





This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is evil-media-power-of-lies.jpg

What you see above is the results of psychological conditioning which was taking place secretly for many decades. Now throughout the eight years of the Obama Biden Administration the communist are overtly moving to take full advantage of the many years of mental conditioning. 
The terrorist mass murder events were frequent happening during the two Obama-Biden terms in office. These terrorist events subsided greatly under Trump. Now under the Biden occupation of the White House the mass murder terror attacks are back. 

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“Lock-down” was broadcast by all news networks not only to intensify fear almost 24/7, but again, “for psychological conditioning”. Many of the staged terrorist events had crisis actors to heighten drama and emotions of all types not only fear.
Bringing about an intense “emotional state of mind” which is very effective in brainwashing those who have been traumatized in one way or another. The people who are known as “woke” are no longer capable of rational thinking, and emotion has replaced any rational thinking.
Hollywood is very skilled at manipulating peoples emotional state for fictional purposes in the past. Now movie sets can be practically anywhere, and fear is the goal for Hollywood inspired terrorist events, including the famous production of a snuff broadcast as we will see.

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Fake and drug induced Mass Murders are only one aspect of instilling fear and the psychological manipulation. The Covid scheme goes beyond that, understand what really took place in one of the largest convention centers in America.

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Fake news production sight McCormick place, Chicago Illinois

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mccormick-place-field-hospital.jpg

The first illusion created was that this Hospital was needed and necessary to save all the lives the “overburdened regular hospital fantasy” could not save. Things such as this inspire delusional assumptions such as “they would not spent all that money if it was not necessary”. Wrong again.
Millions was spent to build this Psy-Ops movie set, and those involved in building it were happy to get this business from the city while all the small business owners were suffering from tyrannical lock downs. With the kick backs and all the other corruption going on overt deception has reached unprecedented levels

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The corrupt Illinois officials know it’s all a Big Lie.
It’s a Hollywood “Sike You Out” telecast.

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Must be difficult containing the laughter, knowing it’s all a colossal act of Deception.

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The city of Chicago spent millions. Was spending that type of money justified, or was it not?

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All this to get people to wear submission masks, shut down businesses, and destroy people’s lives. Unconventional warfare straight from the Zionist and communist china this is part of the elaborate “the Covid Scheme”. Democrats/communist were just as willing to fight against American rights and freedoms as the CCP. 
All sorts of mayhem occurred from the tyrannical lock-downs, jobs lost, foreclosure increases, vehicle repossession increases, eviction increases, crime increases, more alcoholism, more overdose deaths from narcotics, child suicide increases, Mental heath problems increased, domestic violence increases and more. 

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The democrats worked with Communist China to eliminate our rights under the law. Never once questioning the communist credibility and worked with everything the communist were doing to ruin American freedom.
Governor Pritzker actually purchased millions of submission masks from the same ones releasing the virus. Having hotel businesses in Communist China the Illinois governor could not care less about the American people.  He welcomed communist common core education ruining the future of American children, and made Illinois the first state to require Asian studies in school. Is this governor a true American or a far more than a mere CCP sympathizer.
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Almost 66 million spent on a 3,000 bed facility and only “37 patients treated”, while also locking out patients receiving services from regular hospitals, and keeping loved ones from visiting family members. Witness covert warfare used against the American people through deception in a coup attempt.
Chicago Pissed Away $66 Million On Hospital That Treated Only 38 COVID Patients
Chicago Spent $66 Million on Hospital That Treated 38 Coronavirus Patients
U.S. Field Hospitals Stand Down, Most Without Treating Any COVID-19 Patients

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In the 1960’s things escalated in such a way that the Negro people decided they no longer wanted to be referred to as negroes. However no real push was made by this people to find out the heritage that might or might not belong to them. It’s seems the main reason they rejected the name negro was that it sounds so much like the word nigger.
Not much attention seemed to be paid to why they had gone though so much hardship in this country and aboard. The Boule appointed leaders never brought this issue to the forefront in any serious way. Always blaming other people for slavery and all the numerous hardships endured by blacks here in America. “Victim politics” continues to be not only the main mode of operation for the so-called black people, but also their most deviant and well informed exploiters (holocaust).
Insights into the background of a people who have a similar background is quite remarkable. Without saying who these people may or may not be let’s look at some history pertaining to slavery. Using the most credible source available few people take the opportunity to consider things from a different prospective.
After being freed from slavery which mainly took place in the south many negroes sought to relocate.

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The question becomes what impact would 6 million recently released ex-slaves have on the places they settled in.

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Most of the southerners who came to Chicago were from Mississippi.
A premier state in terms of brutality against Slaves and former slaves.
Many seen Mississippi as one of the worst, if not the very worst state for negroes fleeing the south. Another question becomes did these people leave at random, or was there a covert organized effort to transplant certain people to certain northern states. If it is proven a covert plan existed in terms of the great migration, the question becomes for what purpose?

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Chicago has the worst record in terms of black on black murder. Can any rational human being dismiss theses facts as a mere coincidence? A mere coincidence that those people coming from the worst southern states in terms of brutality has nothing to do with so much black on black crime. 

            This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is migration-8-1024x576.jpeg

Playing the blame game is too easy. Everyone seems to be asking the wrong questions. What focus or consideration has been given to why these people were enslaved in the first place! What on earth did they do to deserve such a terrible standard of living.

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We are about to delve into the supernatural simply because it makes the most sense. Of course it will not make sense to everyone, but rest assure those who dismiss these realities will not be able to provide a better explanation.

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In the annals of history is there any peoples known for such self hatred, and murderous conduct? The answer happens to be yes. Again these may or may not be related to this group of people, but the similarities are something to be considered.

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These people called the Hebrews have a very unique history, and what  American negroes have in common with hebrew slaves is that they both endured 400 years of slavery. We may be able to learn something useful even if we fall short in conclusively determining Negroes in American are the direct descendants of Hebrew slaves.

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 This is where the supernatural parts comes in. I will not go into how these Hebrews were delivered out of slavery, but will take the opportunity to focus on some character traits of the Hebrews which provides the needed background information. Understanding why these Hebrew people brought out of Egypt in the first place provides a foundation for understanding the strange situations and circumstances which is part of the history of this people.

Some character traits:

  1. Complainers
  2. Wanted to go back into slavery after being freed.
  3. Showed little appreciation for being freed from bondage,
  4. Short memory of who delivered them from bondage.
  5. No lasting faith (belief) in the one who freed them despite many miraculous occurrences
  6. Unreliable.

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After leaving Egypt and arriving in the wilderness it was Idolatry which was strictly prohibited by God. As it turned out, what would take only 40 days, took 40 years because these people rebelled against God.
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It was a true God who saved the Hebrews from Slavery. However this people showed no lasting appreciation or gratitude for all that was done to benefit them. Again; why were the Hebrew people brought out of Egyptian slavery?
The Hebrews were suppose to introduce the people’s of the entire world to the God who had saved them. This is what the Hebrews were chosen to do. The strategic location of the land of Canaan tends to confirm this fact. Spreading the word of God would still be carried out by the few Hebrews who were faithful, despite the vast majority of Hebrews being rebels.

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         Making a long story short the Hebrews entered into a covenant agreement with the God who had deliver them. There was a land promised to them, but a certain conduct was required to stay in this land. The consequences were wrote out to inform them on what they could expect if they did not uphold their part of the Covenant agreement.

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 Peoples were already living in the land promised (canaan) to the former slaves of Egypt, however those people were removed from the land for their wicked conduct. Many strange occurrences took place which was beyond human comprehension before and after the hebrews settled in the Promised land. Before we get to the consequences the Hebrews could expect for violating the covenant agreement, we will now focus on the murdering taking place back then which is very similar to the black on black murdering taking place today.
Jerusalem Bible:
EZEKIEL Chapter 22
The crimes of Jerusalem
22:1 The word of Yahweh was addressed to me as follows,
22:2 ‘Son of man, are you prepared to judge? Are you prepared to judge the murderous city? Confront her with all her filthy crimes!
22:3 Say, “The Lord Yahweh says this: City shedding blood inside yourself to bring your hour closer, setting up idols on your soil to defile yourself,
22:4 you have incurred guilt by the blood you have shed, you have defiled yourself with the idols you have made, you have brought your hour closer, you have come to the end of your time. And so I have made you an object of scorn to the nations and a laughing-stock to every country.
22:5 Near and far, they will scoff at you, the turbulent city with a tarnished name
22:6 where all the princes of Israel live, each one busy shedding blood, and a law to himself;
22:7 where people despise their fathers and mothers; where they ill-treat the settler; where they oppress the widow and the orphan;
22:8 where you have no reverence for my sanctuaries and profane my sabbaths;
22:9 where informers incite to bloodshed; where there are people who eat on the mountains and couple promiscuously;
22:10 where men uncover their father’s nakedness; where they force women in their unclean condition;
22:11 where one man engages in filthy practices with his neighbor’s wife, another defiles himself with his daughter-in-law, another violates his sister, his own father’s daughter;
22:12 where people take bribes for shedding blood; you charge usury and interest, you rob your neighbor by extortion, you forget all about me – it is the Lord Yahweh who speaks.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wilderness2.jpeg

The Hebrews had come a long way from their time in the wilderness. they were living in the promised land and their name had been changed to “Israel”, but their heart had not changed at all, the vast majority of them were still rebels.
Jerusalem Bible:
EZEKIEL Chapter 22
22:27 Her leaders in the city are like wolves tearing their prey, shedding blood and killing people to steal their possessions.
22:28 Her prophets have whitewashed these crimes with their empty visions and lying prophecies. They have said: Yahweh says this; although Yahweh has not spoken.
22:29 The people of the country have taken to extortion and banditry; they have oppressed the poor and needy and ill-treated the settler for no reason.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Israel.jpeg

Just imagine if the leaders of the country were murdering to steal people’s possessions, the citizens who were less wealthy were no doubt murdering also.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ancient-jericho_02-1024x652.webp

In all fairness it should be mentioned that the Hebrews had become warriors and were commissioned by their God to kill the people of entire cities. This may have something to do with why they seem to have a predisposition to kill and murder.
One of the 10 commands the God of the Hebrews has been translated from the Hebrew language incorrectly. Thou shall not kill is a total contradiction in terms of the history of the Hebrews. “Thou shall not murder” is the correct translation.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is moloch.webp

Murdering babies has been a satanic pagan practice dating back many years. Planned Parenthood is the modern day version of ritual baby murder. The exoteric part of claiming the blood, petitioning satan for wealth and power is never mentioned.
The evil satanic practices of pagans were suppose to die out with there deaths. For this reason God instructed the Hebrews to kill many ungodly people. 
The Hebrews still rebelled when commanded to kill the pagans. 
Jerusalem Bible:
PSALMS Chapter 106
106:34 They did not destroy the pagans as Yahweh had told them to do,
106:35 but, intermarrying with them, adopted their practices instead.
106:36 Serving the pagans’ idols, they found themselves trapped
106:37 into sacrificing their own sons and daughters to demons.
106:38 They shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, offering them to the idols of Canaan, they polluted the country with blood.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is abortion.jpeg

To this very day black women who come from a race that is roughly 12% of the population in the United States, are 60% of those who murder they babies in abortion.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sphinxes-1-1024x576.jpeg

Speculation is one thing, the question becomes can any definitive link be found between the hebrew slaves of Egypt, slavery in America, and the Atlantic slave trade?
Upon the Hebrews entering into a covenant with the only God proven to have the power of a God the details were told to them, and written out for them. This happened before any agreement was made by the Hebrews in terms of this Covenant. The Hebrews were informed first and agreed to this Covenant. The Covenant was sealed with the sprinkling of blood.
Jerusalem Bible: Deuteronomy 28:62-68
28:62 There will be only a handful of you left, you who were as many as the stars of heaven. ‘For not obeying the voice of Yahweh your God,
28:63 just as Yahweh took delight in giving you prosperity and increase, so now he will take delight in bringing you ruin and destruction. You will be torn from the land which you are entering to make your own.
28:64 Yahweh will scatter you among all peoples, from one end of the earth to the other; there you will serve other gods of wood and of stone that neither you nor your fathers have known.
28:65 Among these nations there will be no repose for you, no rest for the sole of your foot; Yahweh will give you a quaking heart, weary eyes, halting breath.
28:66 Your life from the outset will be a burden to you; night and day you will go in fear, uncertain of your life.
28:67 In the morning you will say, “How I wish it were evening!”, and in the evening, “How I wish it were morning!”, such terror will grip your heart, such sights your eyes will see.
28:68 Yahweh will take you back to Egypt by sea and by land, though I had promised you: You will not see it again. And there you will want to sell yourselves to your enemies as serving men and women, but no one will buy you.’
These are some of the curses that would belong to the descendants of those who entered into a covenant with God back in ancient times. These are also some of the things that accurately describes the life of a slave. This happens to be a political website, and not a Bible study class, however we will made time to interpret half of what  DEUTERONOMY 28:68 really means.
Yahweh will take you back to “Egypt” means slavery. Yahweh will take you back to “Slavery” by sea and by land, this is the easy part of the interpretation.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is slave-ships-1024x732.jpeg
 Surely those who were faithful back in those ancient times struggled to figured out how God would take the Hebrews back to Egypt. Here we want to point out “back to Egypt” refers to a place. Egypt was one of the top world class governments of it’s time, and it took thousands of years to reach that degree of prominence.
Would God bring into existence a nation that would reach the degree of wealth and prominence of Egypt in a fraction of the time? A place where those who violated the sacred Covenant would go back into slavery by sea, and in ships? Not only Egypt all other countries took thousands of years to reach a certain level of prominence to reach world ruling status. The question becomes is there any exceptions?
Is there a new nation reaching or even surpassing the wealth, status, and prominence of Egypt. A nation also with some physical characteristic to the terrain comparable to Egypt as a contributing factor? Again, “back to Egypt” refers to a place, surely Goshen in Egypt is not the place in question.
The well known physical characteristic of Egypt has always been the Nile river. Getting straight to the point Mississippi is the state with the most people called African Americans. This state is also known for it’s cruelty and brutality toward the slaves and former slaves. The longest river in the United States, some say the third longest river in the world is the Mississippi river. Both the Nile and Mississippi rivers are landmarks in nations of 400 years of slavery.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is miss-river.jpeg

How on earth did the United States of America surpass so many ancient nations in status, wealth, and power so quickly? On the world stage it seems the United States just came out of no-where! Was the USA spoken into existence by God who needed a place for the Hebrews to return to slavery? Those who were saved from Egyptian slavery would be bless or curses bases on what the Covenant agreement had stipulated. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bald-eagle.jpeg

The eagle was also used to describe the “back to Egypt” (back to slavery) nation.
Jerusalem Bible: DEUTERONOMY
28:47 ‘For failing to serve Yahweh your God in the joy and happiness that come from an abundance of all things,
28:48 you will submit to the enemies that Yahweh will send against you, in hunger, thirst, nakedness, utter destitution. He will put an iron yoke on your neck until you perish.
28:49 ‘Yahweh will raise against you a far-off nation from the ends of the earth, like an eagle taking wing. This will be a nation whose language you do not understand,
28:50 a nation grim of face, with neither respect for the old, nor pity for the young.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is chains-slavery-1.jpeg
It’s clearly the God who delivered the Hebrews/Blacks from Egyptian slavery, put them back into slavery here in America, and all cross the world. Again; this is a political website and how does this Biblical information fit into a political narrative? We want to bring attention to the scheme of “Victim Politics”. The dreaded “Guilt Trip” now being used  against people of European  decent!
The truth is people of European decent have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. The people who violated the Covenant made to the God of Israel have only themselves to blame not white people.
Rebels are the type of people who never proved that they have what it takes to take the responsibility for their own actions. Rebels are certainly not taking the blame for slavery, neither should anyone else (Europeans) allow themselves to take the blame for them. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Guilt-Trips-1024x640.png

Thousands of years before America was brought into existence, as we know it, the words of God were written down by God inspired men. It is so much easier using the Label black people, or African American etc than for this people to own up to their identity as Hebrews. 
Of course blaming people of European decent is far easier than being truthful and blaming God. However blaming God would be an absurdity that would call into question acknowledging “their own evil conduct,” which has always been carefully avoided. This stubborn mind set preserves the rebellious attitude which is a common characteristic of the people who call themselves black. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is PASSOVERWORSHIP-1.jpg

 Consider those who have a great interest in keeping the so-called Blacks in a perpetual state of ignorance and denial. For these are the very people claiming to be the chosen people of God. In all fairness it must be mentioned the bible points out the chosen people would have no idea of their Heritage or true identity. 
What value is there in understanding who the children of Israel really are? First of all it’s truth for those who really want to know the truth. Secondly by knowing the true meaning of Holy Scripture one is set free from the abundance of lies put forth by those claiming to be the Jews. 
The value of knowing these things gives one insights into how to see God though the things “that he does” for and against his people of the Covenant and the reasons why one gets either blessed or punished. The children of Israel entered into a agreement with God that was sealed with blood and Israel was expected to keep their part of the agreement.
The agreement or covenant was entered into when Israel was lead out of Egyptian slavery and camped out beside a mountain that is still blacken at the top from when God himself came down from heaven and instructed Moses on how to arrange everything for the people to meet the God who had delivered them from bondage.
The newly freed hebrew slaves were a problem from the very beginning, which is a historical example of the “things not to do” to anger the God of Israel. The punishments the Israelites brought on to themselves reveals how God deals his people’s disobedience.
These punishments also confirm who the children of Israel really are, and validate all the warnings the prophets were telling the people were really words coming from God. The punishments were meant to straighten out the covenant people, however they never listened for long.
The book of Judges in Holy Scripture provide insights into how God uses other groups of people to reign over his people as a form of punishment, and afterwards brings justice by delivering them from oppression. Most of the Israelites never learned how to do as God had instructed them. As time went on those who were true believers in God had to be silent or even hide themselves from those who rebelled against God.
The hebrew slaves did make it to the promised land, however their corruption and criminal behavior caused God to turn against them. The very people who were suppose lead other people’s to their God based on the conduct God had prescribed for them became the people whose conduct is the best written example of  a “what not to do” to keep God from turning against you. 
In the promised land the children of Israel got rich arrogant and greedy. Murdering their own people as well as other people’s. Robbing the poor of their own people as well as others, following what other people’s were doing (idolatry) instead of listening to their own God. Yahweh brought an end to nation that can be described as the only true super-power. For as long as God was with them Israel was indeed a true super-power. 
Just as a father kicks his children out of the house God kicked Israel out of the land. Israel was scattered all over the world and the descendants of this people went back into slavery as God warned them that they would.
God’s people had gotten so arrogant in terms of being the chosen people they boosted about God being among them while violating everything he told them to do. So as promised the descendants of the Israelites will not even know their true heritage as it is to this very day.
 Blackface is a huge insult to the very people who call themselves Black,  how much sense does that make? Before that this people was called colored, and before that negro, and we all know the unfriendly slang word for this people.
It is the God of Israel that brought all the insults and punishments to this people for violating the covenant as if it never existed. This is a people who never seemed to realize what they had been chosen by God to do. 
With all due respect to Professor Gates for making a serious effort in finding the roots of various people’s, it seems that the professor hasn’t yet found the roots of his own people.
An Harvard education is not what it takes to completely answer questions about a certain race of people. Looking back into people ancestors is very interesting, however the slavery situation is the cut off point for most of the people known as blacks.
The roots beyond slavery is something the good professor falls short on. Going back to the God whom entered into a covenant with this particular race of people is the one to consult though reading and understanding his written word. 
Neither America’s best Universities, or seminaries will touch this subject. No suggestion is being made here that Professor Gates  change anything that he is already doing. His funding would be cut off before he could sneeze. Many people enjoy the show too much for censorship to move in on the show. 
Those who truly want to understand the bible and were taught that the Jews returned to the Holy land in 1948 have a lot of catching up to do in terms of understanding. Understand an Edomite would have never passed as a son of Pharaoh as Moses did.
Jerusalem Bible: ISAIAH chapter one.
1:1 The vision of Isaiah son of Amoz concerning Judah and Jerusalem, which he saw in the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.
1:2 Listen, you heavens; earth, attend for Yahweh is speaking, ‘I reared sons, I brought them up, but they have rebelled against me.
1:3 The ox knows its owner and the ass its master’s crib, Israel knows nothing, my people understands nothing.’

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jew-rabbi-1-1024x630.jpg

“Truth is stranger than fiction”. The world has been taught to believe these people are the Jews(above). If blacks are really the Israelites who are these people who claim to be Jews? A people having a far different experience and standard of living here in America. 
As incredible as it may seem these people are not white people despite their skin color. Jews have a totally different ancestral linage then whose who are considered white. One of the best kept secrets about these people is that they are related to the people known as blacks. The battle between these brothers who are now two nations rages on to this very day.

Those who are known as Jews were mainly the only ones who really knew the true identity of the people’s who were rounded up and shipped away as slaves.
The horrible cruelty on the slave ships and the horrible cruelty after these people left the slave ships was mostly done by Jews. After the hebrew slaves settled on many of the plantations in the south they were not all treated very harshly, and it was the children of Esau who encouraged others to be more cruel to the children of Israel.
~The birth of Esau and Jacob~
25:19 This is the story of Isaac son of Abraham. Abraham was the father of Isaac.
25:20 Isaac was forty years old when he married Rebekah, the daughter of Bethuel the Aramaean of Paddan-aram, and sister of Laban the Aramaean.
25:21 Isaac prayed to Yahweh on behalf of his wife, for she was barren. Yahweh heard his prayer, and his wife Rebekah conceived.
25:22 But the children struggled with one another inside her, and she said, ‘If this is the way of it, why go on living?’ So she went to consult Yahweh,
25:23 and he said to her: ‘There are two nations in your womb, your issue will be two rival peoples. One nation shall have the mastery of the other, and the elder shall serve the younger.’       note: Abraham was Hebrew.
Authorized King James version says:
25:23 And the Lord said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.
Twins were in the womb of Rebekah, and they fought to be the first born and to receive birth right status given to the first born child in terms of inheritance. The first born was usually the rightful heir.  Esau and Jacob were born almost at the same time, and these twins were not identical twins, they were fraternal twins.
Jerusalem Bible: GENESIS
25:24 When the time came for her confinement, there were indeed twins in her womb.
25:25 The first to be born was red, and as though he were completely wrapped in a hairy cloak; so they named him Esau.
25:26 Then his brother was born, with his hand grasping Esau’s heel; so they named him Jacob.[*c] Isaac was sixty years old at the time of their birth.
Authorized King James version: GENESIS
25:24 And when her days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold, there were twins in her womb.
25:25And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau.
25:26 And after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold on Esau’s heel; and his name was called Jacob: and Isaac was threescore years old when she (Rebekah) bare them. 
Esau was of fair skin a very light shade to where his blood shown though the skin giving a red appearance along with having the hair color known as being red. Jacob was of a darker shade. It’s been known for people of the same race to produce a child (non-albino) of a different skin color, but in this case of Esau and Jacob they both were of the same race it was just the skin color and hair that was different.

Just as Esau and Jacob fraternal twins of different colors, had parents of the same race. This is something rare, but not unprecedented and still happens to this day.

As it turns out Esau was the first born, however he lost his birthright status. He sold his birthright to Jacob and later on lost the blessing passed down though Abraham.
Esau gives up his birthright
25:29 Once, Jacob had made a soup, and Esau returned from the countryside exhausted.
25:30 Esau said to Jacob, ‘Let me eat the red soup, that red soup there; I am exhausted’-hence the name given to him, Edom.
25:31 Jacob said, ‘First sell me your birthright,[*d] then’.
25:32 Esau said, ‘Here I am, at death’s door; what use will my birthright be to me?’
25:33 Then Jacob said, ‘First give me your oath’; he gave him his oath and sold his birthright to Jacob.
So Esau sold his birthright and will also lose the blessing of Abraham which was passed on to Isaac, and given to Jacob. By losing both birthright and blessing Esau was very anger and emotionally hurt and he vowed to murder Jacob after Isaac his elderly father passed away. Esau felt that he was cheated out of the blessing, but it was really his mother Rebekah who instructed Jacob to deceive his father Issac. So their mother intervened knowing Esau was intent on killing his twin brother so Jacob was sent away to live with Laban a relative.
Where’s the political relevance? It is recognized by many people that this group of people called Edomites not Jews also have some common characteristics. The blessing of Abraham from the Lord God almighty is consider by many to be greatest blessing given a mortal in the Bible.
This blessing entails ruling the entire world and being in firm control over the people’s of the earth with the son of God himself being the King of kings, and Lord of lords. It seems the Edomites never got over the fact to this very day, that blessing was not attained by them. So they  seem obsessed with gaining rule over the world on their own, but with the help of Satan who exist in the spirit realm.
The people widely known as Jews have a astounding disproportional representation in all aspects power and control related operations. Whether it be Government, Banking, or Media these people have practically monopolized two of the three things mentioned. If they succeed in making America and the world communist, they will also have succeeded in monopolizing Government.
The Federal Reserve system is a private money operation with the illusion of being part of the Government. This jewish money scheme enslaves governments and the people though usury. The IMF have reduced many Governments to poverty status though their usury schemes.
They lend large amounts of money which they know the Governments will not be able to repay. When the Gov’t default on loans they cause cities, states, etc to cut needed programs, and in many cases ownership of various parts of the Government must be given up.

These people have found a method of robbing practically everyone involve with the usury system except for the jewish people at the top.
Entire governments, Land with all the farm equipment, business property,  Homes, vehicles, everything financed by money can be confiscated though the usury schemes. The extreme greed by these people and idolatry are one in the same. Money is the god they worship.
Privatization is another scheme of Jewish people, this term seems benign, but it actually means basically stealing ownership of parts of the Government. These people are so skilled at their thievery they have people paying income taxes even though there is no law is in existence that says people “must pay tax on their income”. Taxing people’s private labor is a form of slavery.

The Zionist usury schemes are well embedded throughout the entire world. Also it must be pointed out it was “Communist Jews” that took over Russia and fought against Germany in WW2 not the Russian people.
It was communist Jews who had stolen the Russian Government though the deception of the Bolshevik Revolution. Germany was reduced to poverty by “Jewish usury” which compelled Germany to take drastic action fighting to save their country.
When Germany woke up and stop letting themselves be robbed into poverty by usury, the German Jews boycotted Germany. These are some of things that started the second World War. Again it must be reiterated  it was the Jews who had taken over Russia that fought against Germany in WW2 “not the Russians”.

During Abraham Lincoln’s time the last Czar of Russia and American President Abraham Lincoln were friends working together to fight against the Jews.   Republican President Lincoln was totally against Jacob Schiff and the jewish bankers scheme plotting to overthrown the Russia Czar. The goal was to steal the entire Government and all the wealth of the Russian people, and do the same to all of Europe.
The Bolshevik Revolution is the method used to take over Russia at a time when Germany Jews role was to boycott German goods. All these things were working together as planned by the Jewish international bankers.
With the Jew Trotsky now commander of the Red Army, the carnage was no longer confined to Russia. The carnage spread as Jews started World War 2 and fought against Germany. 

The wicked Jews even succeeded in enslaving half of Germany.  the Jews walled in the East German’s enslaving them though communism.
The “Iron Curtain” must never be forgotten.

Understand tearing down of the Berlin Wall unleashed communism worldwide rather then keeping it contained behind the Iron Curtain. The Global dispersion of communism became the next phase. During the Nixon administration an Israeli operative named Henry Kissinger opened the satanic portal of communism by normalizing relations with China. 
After the Perestroika deception the development of communism could be recognized by the cutting of many much needed Governmental programs through debt incurred though Federal Reserve usury. The out-sourcing and downsizing of American industry as this nation suffered from factories nationwide  moving overseas.  Henry Kissinger and the vast majority of all dual citizen Israeli’s were never true Americans.
The Jews/Edomites never assimilate as history confirms. They have their own agenda which always entails redistributing the host nations wealth in ways beneficial to themselves. Henry Kissinger basically deceived this nation into handing over American industry to the Communist Chinese.
The plan is to use the Chinese to try and defeat America in the next World War,  just as they used the Americans to defeat Germany in the second World War. At this present time though the Democrat/communist party we are witnessing a vain and futile attempt to globalize communism under Jewish leadership as in the Soviet Union.

The media is also a very powerful industry by those seeking control over the minds of the people, which is undeniably run and controlled by Jews. Mind control happens to be a specialty of this group of people who are enormous liars. Colossal liars.
This group of people can lie to a hundred million people at the same time with their media apparatus. The “lie” is still the single most widely used and effective form of mind control. It’s the people who want to be known as Jews who use deception with unmatched expertise continually.

In others words what Freud is saying: You need us to be your masters because you are too frightened to run your own lives. Ask the people who lived in east Germany (the half of Germany the Jews had conquered) behind the “Iron Curtain” of communist slavery if they agree German’s were too “frightened of responsibility” to run their own lives, and see what they tell you.
One must recognize traits and characteristics that define the majority of this group of people to avoid the abundance of schemes. Many of the schemes are directed against the minds of the people. One must understand where these people are really coming from.
Sigmund Freud was not  involved in some benevolent pursuit with his study of the human mind. Freud was far more concerned with the limitations and vulnerabilities of the mind for “reasons of exploitation” more than anything else!  The mental enslavement known as being “woke” was no doubt a primary goal of Freud. The “conduct” of this people (Jews) is present for all to see.
The whole notion of Anti-Semitism is a form of “Wokeness” it was really Jews who were at war with Germany, who started the second world war with Germany, who prior to WW2 took over Russia and made it Communist, who vowed to make Europe and all the world Communist.
What sorcery is behind this Jewish “blameless status” where is it derived from? How as human beings have we been trained like cattle to accept so-called Anti-Semitism as some shameful crime? How does this happen?
Who else on the face of the earth has this “blameless Status”???
Whole nations don’t even have this status. Anti-Americanism or any other nations for that matter should far out weigh the status given to less than 2 percent of the jewish people in America.
The whole point is these things don’t happen by chance, or coincidence, but by true scoundrels working very diligently over many decades to enslave the minds of people in hopes of conquering the world by communism.

The the true motives of Freud started to surface though a nephew who used the knowledge obtained by Freud in public relations, propaganda, and advertisement which is only a small part in their efforts to control peoples behavior though the media.

The sell of Alcohol and Cigarettes is only a small part of the unseen mechanism used to not only make money, but to shape society in ways which suit the Zionist. Television programs even more than TV commercials are still being used extensively for opinion making and mind control.
These same people who created the Federal Reserve banking system while working with their media have the unlimited capacity for bribery. They are allowed at this point to simply print up money and use it as they see fit.
Understand television programming is far from just entertainment. It’s not really entertainment it’s a sly method of getting people to let their guard down psychologically making them vulnerable to suggestions targeting the conscious and subconscious mind.  

This was not the longest running so-called game show in history with no apparent reasoning behind it.

When we as Americans thought we were being entertained it was really 25+ years of psychological conditioning to accept jewish bribes. Many may have gotten these two programs confused with one another. Since both are designed for the same subliminal goals; to accept Bribery.

“The Price Is Right, Let’s Make A Deal”.

Once those lacking principles or standards of virtue accept the bait in terms of bribery they walk though the portals of corruption, and integrity becomes a huge pretense. Hollywood actors and politicians utilize many of the same skills namely pretense. However the politicians pretense is better known as persuasion.
Deception is the main element in both professions, hollywood we know is “make believe” and everyone accepts as story telling. Political actors being far more sinister and dangerous they can lead people in any direction by those paying bribe money, even into communist slavery.

Those who can just print money can bribe entire political parties into communism. Where’s the F.B.I. as we witness corruption and lawlessness expanding throughout America? Again it’s Bribery. They become the slaves of those who pay them!
How in the world does the Democrat party who fought hard to keep American slavery from being abolished, and founded the KKK get former Slaves to become woke Democrats?
It was Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans who fought to help free the slaves from American bondage. Blacks were Republicans before the 1920’s again how in the world do former slaves become member of the Democrat party? Bribery. Jobs were given to black Republicans.
The main point is that bribery was the motivation behind giving Jobs to blacks by the democrats over many decades, up until the 80’s with the CEDA program, and all the employment bribery stopped after succeeding in tricking blacks into being stanch Democrats.
At the same time through the media in the “roaring twenties” woman’s clothing was became more lewd. The Christian standard of woman covering themselves was under attack by “Jewish design”, before this men were lucky if they would see a woman’s  ankle.
Booze and Nights Clubs introduced into American northern society along with millions of southern blacks being former slaves who had no tradition of marriage before sexual relations creating a new culture of decadence. This corruption of families and nations is not new in terms of the people known as Jews! Watch video.
These are some of the things which point out how busy this small group of people of less than 2% of the population has had on the destruction of this Republic that started out with Christian values.
Getting back to the millions of vindictive negroes who were transported to northern cities let’s not lose sight of how they would be utilized. Long before the riots 2021 those called “Rebels in the Bible” helped to take down an Chicago Amusement park.
Riverview Park the midwest’s version of New York’s Coney Island  was Chicago’s premier amusement park. However the influx of millions of black southerns from the mainly the Southside of Chicago caused so many racial problems this entertainment venue had to be closed down.
It was replaced by the meanest and largest police station on the Northside of Chicago. A reminder of how real Chicagoans use to deal with unruly outsiders.
Now though decades psychological conditioning outsiders/non-native people are voted into high political offices reducing Chicago to a “Sanctuary City” for criminals far and near, all by Jewish design.
Can you believe with the influx of people worldwide now illegally invading the cities (not American Southerns) it’s mainly jewish people who work non-stop to disarm Americans when the 2nd amendment is most needed.
 The God of the bible himself says that he hates Esau. This is the very people who want to dictate to other people about hate speech. A known troublemaker who has been expelled from more counties than most people realize. The God of Israel of the bible he himself says that “he hates Esau”. The God of love would not state this fact without verifiable reasons for such a statement.
Ready for a another Jewish World War?

More than 50 states and a Mass Murder event happens in close proximity to a NRA convention. Americans are suppose to be so stupid that we believe it’s all just coincidental. “While gun control legislation is being created for congress”.
What are the odds that such a event would take place at that particular time, in that particular state while NRA was having a convention in Houston? The odds are at least 20 billion to one that Uvalde Mass Murder was a random event.  
This was no random event. Uvalde Mass Murder was another staged Mass Murder event  designed as a emotional appeal to deceive people into thinking guns don’t save lives. Understand under communism many millions of people must be murdered before it can take hold, and history confirms this fact over and over.
Bride money and blackmail cause people to go along with the communist. This compels them to murder people, and the police chief in Uvalde Texas is a prime example.
Another staged (Hollywood Style) murder event in the zionist/communist ongoing media campaign to deceive Americans into being stupid enough to think guns don’t save lives.

Adults who have the proper historical knowledge and  think like adults know Communist are Mass Murderers. Killing 20 children means nothing to those willing to kill many millions of people to set up a beastly communist regime.
The satanic communist care nothing for the lives of children as we see from the whole abortion debate, this leaves no doubt about their willingness to murder children. If that’s not over the top satanic enough for you consider what they are now doing to children who were not murdered by abortion.
Research “Pizza-gate”.
America has become a sanctuary for communist, terrorist and all sorts of criminals from all across the world, and now mainly the Jews want to take away your guns and ammo. Just think about it. Think seriously about it! 

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BLACK SKULL AND BONES – THE BLACK BOULE – Killuminati Soldiers of Truth


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is boule-deception.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fruit-of-evil.jpg

The Boule are paid well, and don’t care if they sell their own people as well as all others into Zionist slavery. Communism is slavery, just as it was in east Germany before the wall was removed. Understand the Democrat party was always the slavery party, and the Boule are used by Zionist in it’s quest for worldwide communist slavery.

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Holy Scripture speaks informs us of Esau and Jacob from the beginning. These fraternal twins were the Grandson’s of the patriarch “Abraham”.  The photos above shows what they look like today. To truly understand Holy Scripture one has to be bless with the perception to recognize the peoples with the ancestral linage of those spoken of in the book of Genesis. 
Holy Scripture is not just any book, it’s the word of God.  At the same time in reading books the history/story of the lives of the main characters is being told. In regular books whether non-fictional or fictional without understanding the story of the main characters how does one understand the book? 
Holy Scripture comes to life as you recognize various people’s and the prophecies pertaining to them. Knowing their past and witnessing the present, the future of “Esau and Jacob” who have become two distinct nations of people becomes very fascinating.


Having explained this Let’s move on to some real time current events.
Lemon is stunned into silence after bringing up slave reparations

This interview can be viewed from many different angles, Let’s start with the psychological/emotional ploy.
Again the proverbial “Guilt Trip” must be recognized as a  manipulation scheme used by both Esau and Jacob.
The Slavery “Guilt trip” is used by Jacob/blacks, and you guessed it the so-called Holocaust “Guilt Trip” is used by those who call themselves Jews/Esau. Esau’s named was changed to Edom. Those people who want to be known as Jews, are really the people known as the Edomites.
25 Sigmund Freud Quotes From The Master Of Psychoanalysis (2022)
Again; Sigmund Freud was not  involved in some benevolent pursuit with his study of the human mind. Freud was far more concerned with the limitations and vulnerabilities of the mind for “reasons of exploitation” more than anything else!  The “conduct” of the Edomite people is confirmation.
Freud knew that to gain control over people’s and nations one must re-program people’s thinking. The mind being much like a computer system, or operating system for each individual person, in the “Wrong Hands” one having expertise into the inner working of the mind becomes a very dangerous individual .

The “Wrong Hands” being one who uses mind control expertise for “Evil rather than Good”. The question becomes what is the source of this evil? The answer lays in gaining some insights into the “Spiritual realm”. The intention here is not to spook anyone, but certain realities must be understood including invisible realities.
First let’s exercise our understanding with some known invisible realities that we are well acquainted with. 
The first one mentioned here is something that cannot be contained, it can pass though any physical matter, and all matter or materials on earth are subjected to it. This is what is known as Gravity, we “can’t see it”, but we know it indeed exists by “what it does”. There are other invisible realities that can be mentioned, but at this point I prefer to keep it simple and get straight to the point. 
“Thoughts” are also something we cannot see, taste, or touch, however who can deny thoughts are a intimate part of our existence, and present in everyone’s life. Again getting straight to the point. The only way to see these invisible realities is to see “What They Do”. The bible says that “you will know by their works”.
One does not quite know what people are thinking until they “act” on their thoughts. And no one  has to expound on Gravity because everyone knows what it can do.
Thoughts belong to both realms  our physical realm, but also the spirit realm. To make a long complex story short, the mind is the battleground for both “Good and Evil”.
The spirit realm is permanent and has been in existence long before the earth, and all that is in it, on it, and directly above it. There is also a on going war from the spirit realm in existence, and we happened to be caught in the middle of it. It’s the war of Good and evil. The main spiritual combatants are: God and his armies versus Satan who is leader of the fallen angels.
Having made light of some pertinent details let us get back to the point. 
We as human beings, most of us beings endowed with “free will” and can choose either side of this conflict, and the works of Sigmund Freud are consistent with the evil plans of Satan and the fallen angels. Satan/the devil is a liar and truth is abhorrent to all those battling on the wrong side of the eternal war. 
Satan uses “deception” as one of his main weapons, and it’s thoughts, idea’s, and suggestions directed against the minds of those not grounded in truth, which can and does convert many people to the losing side of the conflict.
Keeping in mind the lie is the most common and widely used effective method of brainwash or mind control. Until such time in which light though truth is accepted by who have accepted a lie people become caught in the web of deception. Censorship is now widely used here in America to deny truth which frees people from the Satanic web of deception.
So how does the photo of the twilight dummy figure into all that has been stated. First of all one must understand that in the realm of the spiritual the rules are very different.
Those involved in the occult have some understanding of the invisible, however most people are unfamiliar with the “darkness”. On the other hand the Holy Bible is loaded this what can be referred to as paranormal, or miraculous occurrences.
Light and darkness are basically the two aspects of the spirit realm and people who align themselves with one side or the other become participants. Alignment is a very important part of the rules pertaining to the spirit realm.
Those who have not seen the episode of the twilight zone dummy. The story was about ventriloquist with a wooden dummy who could speak and move from one location to another without walking.
The dummy could torment the ventriloquist by getting into his mind speaking to him if he left the dummies presence. When they put on shows the audience thought the ventriloquist was in control of the dummy, but actually it was the opposite, the dummy was controlling the ventriloquist.
Of course the story being spoken about is a fictional television show, however at the same time it can be helpful in illustrating how spirits namely demons work though human beings.
Those so-called super wealthy elites who believe that they are the ones controlling the world, are actually being controlled themselves by demons. Climate change, the Great reset, Globalism, and what is known as the New World order is actually speaking of Satan’s Kingdom, which is the bowel of Hell located beneath the surface of the earth.
We know hell will exist because God promised to put the fallen angels, and the wicked there for eternity, and God cannot lie. Any erupting volcano shows people what can be found beneath to surface of the earth.
Having touched on these details lets return to the main point.
The guilt trip plays on ones psychological vulnerabilities to control peoples and nations by getting into their minds. Knowledge is power. The interview in which Don Lemon was shut up helps one to understand how to defeat those who use the “Guilt trip” to weaken and control them.
It’s not at all difficult to resist the Guilt trip. Ever heard that a magician never tells? Why? Because once people know the secret or trick behind the magical deception it no longer has the power to deceive them. Refuse being played by “Guilt Trip” psychological operations. If one submits long enough to these psy-ops and become what is known as being “woke” it may be too late.
Europe is a prime example of how the Guilt trip is being used to bring in millions of people who don’t belong there. It’s happening here in America too. This statement was not made as if you didn’t know. Who in America doesn’t know flood of illegal people freely crossing into this country.
Understand the “precursor” for illegals crossing into America, and other countries throughout the world, were rebels/ex-slaves from Mississippi and other southern states up into the north. Of course there are hidden reasons behind the infusion of southern blacks into major cities in the north. This will be expounded upon later.
Getting back to the point.
Hate speech, the Holocaust, Racism, Slavery Reparations, etc etc are all Guilt trips deceptions designed to weaken and conquer peoples and nations.
Summarizing: the comments about the spirit realm were added to acquaint people with things going on behind the scenes. No rush to understand these spiritual concepts until you are ready for them.
Simply put when the Son of God walked on this earth in the flesh he casted demons out of people. This tell us demons live in people and controls their lives. The devil is a liar and all those aligned with Satan will be enormous liars, very skilled at deception.
It’s clear the entire main stream news media, the Jan 6 commission, and all the democrat politicians are following the old, antiquated, and obsolete notion which Vladimir Lenin put forth.
This very unintelligent, juvenile notion, became a strategy that may have “surprisingly” worked in past generations, but does not work in these times. The liars are discovering this generation is not nearly as gullible as in earlier times. The liars are starting to resemble circus clowns.

We now have commissions without a shred of credibility, or integrity. They ignore more than 275 malicious acts of democrat terrorism as if they never happened! Television drama actors have more credibility than the bogus Jan 6 commission actors, everyone knows they are make believe acting.
A huge miscalculation has been made, people in these modern times are not the stupid cattle the anti-american communist expected us to be. They wanted to catch us sleeping.


Holocaust Hoax For Kids!

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Just the preliminaries with Rahm, the next Chicago Mayor takes it to another level.



In Chicago the odds of an “unknown non-celebrity”candidate “who never held political office” defeating two big name politicians was close to impossible until the Lightfoot election!

This election had to be fixed. Election integrity is a main cornerstone of a free society. Audits in other states confirm that the corruption spoken of here is real and on going. Chicago being a city known for many forms of corruption could also benefit from elections audits especially the last mayoral election.
“Change research” has all three candidates running neck an neck which is a common deceptive media practice. Of course the hand picked candidate “Lightfoot” pulls ahead and wins. This is only the media illusion of a fair and honest election. For a non-politician to defeat two very well known Chicago politicians is highly improbable and unprecedented.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is washington.jpg

With absolutely zero name recognition as a politician, and again; no celebrity status. All Lori Lightfoot had was being African American and a vague resemblance to former mayor Harold Washington, which she play acted to create a deceptive illusion.
However this would not be enough to defeat the other two well known candidates becoming Chicago’s next mayor. Until suddenly after the theft of a national election the fog lifted and things became clear.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pelosis-district-1024x682.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pelosis-poop-capital-1024x615.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pelosis-district-poop-capital-of-america-1024x576.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is unbelivable.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is this-is-san-francisco-.jpg

If  stray dogs could vote they would not keeping voting for someone who keeps the district as fifthly as Pelosi.  Absolutely un-believable fifth everywhere!
If anyone ever wondered how the biggest Anti-American obstructionist in congress keeps getting re-elected.
The answer is: she doesn’t keep getting re-elected because the elections are fixed! There is no way people are “voting” to live in that type of filth.

Any person still capable of rational thought and clear thinking can plainly see that the presidential election was indeed stolen for Joe Biden. Out of arrogance or sheer stupidity Biden himself stating this fact to everyone.
Now that the Purple revolution war has been declared on the rule of law and the American Constitution the criminality of Anti-American traitors who choose to enslave the American people is also plainly seen.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is media-joe-biden-double-standard.jpg

Purple revolution politics has installed Joe Biden in the White House despite the will of the American people.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lightfoot-1.jpg

Now that we know a presidential election can be rigged, the same can be said of elections for Mayor’s, Governors, Congress people, senators and anyone else under this corrupted voting system. Installing communist, Marxist, Fascist and all other useful idiots in political office to destroy American freedom for the Zionist.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is marxism-agenda.jpg

We were told Lori Lightfoot was an well educated corporate attorney, however the disrespectful way in which she spoke to an American senator paints a totally different picture. Soon after the election the most “ignorant statement Imaginable” was spoken.
The new mayor tells a sitting American senator “Keep Chicago out of your mouth”. Are you kidding me? So this is the type of rude and arrogant person installed in the mayor’s office. Really sounds like a member of Antifa rather than someone presiding over a key American city.
She also never address the question of Pro American senator Cruz asked in terms of Illegal Immigration, which is basically the same a as addressing the sanctuary city issue.

Actions speak louder than words. Any lingering doubts about Lightfoot being installed into the Mayors office to “work with” not against Antifa, and BLM? This is clearly seen. In the middle of the night Lori Lightfoot removed the statue of Columbus placing her squarely in the camp of Antifa, BLM and even ISIS who attempt to erase history from people’s minds.

Understand what you are witnessing when one see’s all the efforts of useful idiots who remove and deface historical monuments. It’s clearly Marxism which is satanic in origin. Those reduced to Zionist slavery are those who are easily controlled.

The same Zionist money that financed ISIS, BLM, Antifa, and the Bolshevik revolution is at work causing war and serious trouble for non-Jewish people worldwide.
Here in America George Soros pays millions to the many who become bribery puppets, who are paid to destroy their own nation. To destroy their own freedom, as well as the freedom of their children. The Mike Pence military and all the law enforcement agencies know all about Soros and they do nothing. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is stupid-self-destruct-communist.jpg

Don’t believe for a second mayor Lightfoot was installed as Chicago’s Mayor to help America. Pelosi and Lightfoot are both Anti-American subversives pushing communism, Marxism, fascism, corporatism, and the violent overthrow of the American Government.
The murder of George Floyd was very predictable. Consider the fact that just as planned “lock-downs” would created enormous tensions and anxiety among the American people. Now that the “stage was set,” a horrific murder was needed to ignite the volatile powder keg condition that was created by the UN-necessary lock-downs. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lights-camera-action-1.jpg

On the movie set the “woke” paid murderer looks right into the camera, he and his partners want this murder filmed. No efforts were made by the policeman’s partners to stop the man with the camera. This speaks volumes.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Derek_Chauvin-planned-event-724x1024.jpg

This news media snuff telecast was the trigger needed for the Chaos. The Chaos which was intentionally created by the tension created by lock-downs.
This pre-planned event was needed to ignite the rioting. Consider the timing of this event, and the odds of this snuff murder just happening on it’s own, “not being planned,” right in the middle of a purple revolution war on America.

The odds are impossible that this whole situation including the so-called pandemic was not planned that way.

In a classic Bolshevik revolution styled incitement of violence the murder of George Floyd served the same purpose as the murder of Priest during the Bolshevik revolution when the Jews/communist were covertly at war with Russia.
The covert war ended when the Russia people discovered that they had been deceived by the Jews/communist. The enemies of freedom (Jews) use the “people’s own grievances” to trick the people into helping the jew to overthrow their own Government.
The true story of the war overt between the Russian people and the Jews who had deceived them has been practically erased from history books. Confusing rhetoric, half truth’s, and disinformation are put forth about this war between the Reds (Jews) and the Whites (Russians) 1917-1920.
Why was the history of the war between the Reds and the white practically erased? So America and the rest of the world will fall into the same trap of deception the Russians fell into is their hope.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Reds-and-whites.jpg

The unmistakable Israeli knee on the neck is a subjugation tactic provides valuable insight into who’s is behind all the trouble America and the entire world is undergoing at this time. 
Maybe the wings are in reference to priest whose murder during the Bolshevik Revolution incited the violence and chaos needed for the Jews/communist to take over Russia.

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is never-let-a-crisis-go-to-waste.jpg

The enormous elephant in the room which everyone ignores is not only do they “never let a crisis go to waste” THEY CREATE THE CRISIS!!!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is communist-traitors.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is clinton3-1024x578.jpg

More evidence Lightfoot was installed as mayor of Chicago by Pelosi is that interim police chief is also from California, a state at war with America. The California fires are being intentionally started by direct energy weapons.


Final Edition: Wild! Fires in Paradise, CA.

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is demoncrats-psychological-warfare-Terrorism-1024x538.jpg


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is world-war-3.jpg

This comment above speaks only in terms of the unconventional part of the Third World War.
For Great tribulation (trouble) is to come, more trouble than has ever happened on the face of the earth, and more than will ever happen on the face of the earth